jeudi 25 octobre 2018

Le Rayon Vert

Le Rayon vert, ça pourrait être le titre d'un film, mais c'est le nom d'un bateau.
Qui s'inquiète d'un bateau de pêcheurs ?
On aime le regarder sortir du port, puis on va chez son poissonnier acheter un peu de crevettes et quelques coquilles, du hareng.
On s'interroge à la rigueur sur le pourquoi d'une dispute avec ses homologues anglais... en fait pour 99 % d'entre nous, on se fout des pêcheurs.
Seulement le rayon vert et tous ses confrères méritent un peu plus de considération et j'aime bien l'idée de lui ouvrir les pages d'un guide sur l'impressionnisme.
Les bateaux sont des motifs impressionnistes, le poisson aussi d'ailleurs, et les pêcheurs n'ont pas les moyens de s'offrir une page dans Le Figaro ou Paris Normandie.... Evidemment je n'ai pas la puissances de ces quotidiens mais si un jour vous passez par Dieppe ou Veules le Rayon Vert sera là pour vous vendre ses coquilles... elles sont excellentes.

dimanche 14 octobre 2018

Impressionnisme Littéraire, H. Barbusse.

Un style impressionniste, que tentent parfois, un peu trop pour mon goût, les jeux de mots visuels à la Jules Renard, cette « écriture artiste », qui est un article si éminemment parisien, et qui, en temps ordinaire, « poudrederise » les émotions, mais qui, dans ces convulsions de la guerre, prend je ne sais quelle élégance héroïque.
Romain Rolland à propos du roman Le Feu sur les tranchées en 14-18.
Comment et où l'utiliser dans un Guide sur l'impressionnisme ? Sainte-Adresse, sûrement.

mardi 2 octobre 2018

The Book Seller and Frankfurt

Giverny Motifs & Effets Impressionnistes
Giverny Impressionist Motifs & Effects
Hypermedia & sponsored  e-books  

Subjects of the books: Impressionisms. Not only the pictorial movement initiated by Monet but also the literary, musical, sculptural and even cinematic impressionism by crossing for each art the motifs and effects.  

The red Thread : I must say that, when he delighted in Monet, one could have told him there was an admirable Rembrandt or a sublime Raphael nearby and he would not even have bothered to look, whereas if one were to point him to the river where Monet had done such and such a draft, he would have walked the length of its banks at the same impractical hours at which Monet had painted, so as to try to find the precise spot, to better understand the reality of Monet’s painting….
Proust. Fragments Divers.

Two versions are available, one in original French and one in English.  

Distribution : The books are free to download because they are sponsored by French advertisers as a way of communicating with foreign visitors to Giverny (700,000 visitors per year). It could be small local businesses, regional or national larger companies looking for a national or  International audience.   The ads are images inserted within art galleries, with accompanying text, or videos. Each advertisement is in line with the context of the chapter proposed to the reader.
Texts:  1) The texts are proposed in colours. Black  for the author, blue for the quotes from secondary authors, violet for Monet. A pictogram precedes from time to time quotes to memorise. This allows for a more fluid writing.
2) To quote the verse of Baudelaire: The perfumes, the colors and the sounds respond, the hypermedia approach is used to restore moods (a song or an aria from an opera cited by an author), to compare the motifs common to the different arts (the fog of London)
Hypermedia Contents (iPad screen shots)

Giverny and its surroundings: The winter by Monet, the snow and its effects interpreted by Debussy ( so we have texts, images and music).
Slow art or how to look at a work differently.
Music composed by Ravel about the death of a child echoes the words written by Monet’s wife of the death of their daughter and favourite model of the painter. 
Hypermédia Content and Sponsors.
The Ukyo-E is a Japanese artistic movement whose influence is considerable on the Impressionists. Poems, music and prints are the figurations. 
The sale of Japanese prints still exists with specialized shops, in Rouen for example. An advertiser can therefore insert an advertisement in accordance with the content of the guide explaining what the Ukyo-E is. 

The exposure is maximum and the minimum intrusion as it is an extension of the work.
Moderns and olds prints sold by an advertiser is inserted in a gallery with the contact details of the Advertiser.

An advertiser can also insert an advertising film, 8 or 30 seconds. The price is higher.
Advertisement for a fragrance : 

« Dazzling Reflections » (the name of the fragrance)  
echoing the reflections of Monet's Nymphéas


The advertisers, brick & mortars, serve as relays to communicate about their presence in a unique work of which they are the contributors. As well as their site, their FB page or Instagram pages of which they are the creators they have personalized flyers that they distribute to their clientele. 

Example of a bed and breakfast in Impressionist country, the Côte d’Albâtre, with an interactive advertisement (image + URL) and flyers distributed to customers to access the two versions of the works distributed on 

Number of pages :French 171 / English : 136
Number of pictures : French 390/ English 380
Numbers of videos : 3 F & E
Numbers of Advertisers :  3 for now
Unpublished texts in English by Proust, Mirbeau and Péguy : 35 pages.

Music Times : 33 minutes (9 pieces of music).